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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Extension Publications

Eastern Redcedar cutting


Aquaculture Fire Ecology Forestry Rangeland Wildlife

Fire Ecology and Prescribed Burning

Burning in the Growing Season (E-1025)
Cedar Control by Individual Scorched-tree Ignition Following Fire (NREM-5053)
Eastern Redcedar as a Hazardous Fuel (L-318)
Fire Effects in Native Plant Communities (NREM-2877)
Fire Myths and Facts (L-321)
Fire Prescriptions for Native Plant Communities (NREM-2878)
Management after Wildfire (NREM-2881)
Managing Brush Piles (NREM-2894)
Managing Oak Forests with Fire (Brochure)
Oklahoma Prescribed Burning Handbook (E-1010)
Patch Burning: Integrating Fire and Grazing to Promote Heterogeneity (E-998)
Prescribed Fire Associations (NREM-2880)
Smoke Management for Prescribed Burning (E-1008)
The Best Time of Year to Conduct Prescribed Burns (NREM-2885)
Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma (E-927)

Wildlife Ecology and Management

A Practical Guide to Food Plots in the Southern Great Plains (E-1032)
Aflatoxins in Wildlife Feed (NREM-9021)
Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide (E-904)
Chickasaw Plum for Wildlife in Oklahoma (E-1026)
Controlling Deer Damage to Ornamentals (HLA-6427)
Controlling Pocket Gophers (NREM-9001)
Deer Habitat Appraisal Guide (NREM-9009)
Deer Management (E-979)
Determining Sex and Reproductive Status of Rodents (NREM-2896)
Distinguishing Between Greater and Lesser Prairie-Chicken (L-421)
Gardening for Birds (HLA-6435)
Greater Prairie Chicken (E-969)
Habitat Evaluation Guide for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (E-1014)
How Weather Variables Affect Gamebirds in the Southern Great Plains (NREM-9022)
Impacts of Lead Ammunition and Sinkers on Wildlife (NREM-9015)
Lease Hunting (NREM-5032)
Management of Wild Turkey (NREM-8700)
Nest Boxes (NREM-9005)
Prairie Dog Ecology and Management in Oklahoma (NREM-9014)
Quality Deer Management in Oklahoma (NREM-9020)
Reducing Mortality of Grassland Wildlife During Haying and Wheat-Harvesting Operations (NREM-5006)
Scaled Quail Ecology and Management in Oklahoma (NREM-9019)
The Ring-necked Pheasant in Oklahoma (NREM-9017)
What You Need to Know About the Endangered Species Act (NREM-9018)

Rangeland Ecology and Management

Assessing Potential Forage Production Using the NRCS Web Soil Survey (CR-2597)
Best Management Practices for Controlling Eastern Redcedar (E-988)
Biology, Ecology and History of Eastern Redcedar (L-320)
Checklist of OK Plants (NREM-2872)
Control of Eastern Redcedar (L-319)
Drought Management Strategies (NREM-2870)
Eastern Redcedar Control and Management (NREM-2876)
Ecology and Management of Sericea Lespedeza (PSS-2874)
Ecology and Management of Western Ragweed on Rangeland (NREM-2873)
How Eastern Redcedar Encroachment Affects the Water Cycle of Oklahoma Rangelands (NREM-2884)
Intensive Early Stocking (NREM-2875)
Management of Sand Sagebrush Rangelands (NREM-2892)
Native Hay Meadow Management (NREM-2891)
Nectar and Pollen Plants (EPP-7155)
Options for Expiring CRP land (NREM-9016)
Pasture Management (NREM-2869)
Protecting Open Lands in Farms and Ranches from Development Through Conservation Easements (NREM-2889)
Stocking Rate Determination on Native Rangeland (NREM-2886)
Tools for Rangeland Management and Assessment: Ecological Site Descriptions (NREM-2900)
Tools for Rangeland Management and Assessment: Web Soil Survey (NREM-2901)
Using Google EarthTM for Mapping and Assessing Grazeable Land (CR-2595)
Water Use by Eastern Redcedar (L-439)
Weed Control on Rangelands (NREM-2882)

Forestry and Silviculture

Deciduous Trees (F-5036)
Dutch Elm Disease (EPP-7602)
Riparian Forest Buffers (NREM-5034)
Measuring Timber (NREM-5021)
Pecan Nut Casebearer (EPP-7189)
Pine Beetles (EPP-7164)
Poultry Litter Application to Pines (NREM-5037)
Training Ornamental Trees (HLA-6415)

Wood Products

Bandsaws (NREM-5046)
Dimensional Changes in Wood (NREM-5009)
Kiln Drying (FAPC-146)
Oriented Strand Board (FAPC-145)
Pressure Treatment (NREM-5047)
Quality Control in Lumber (NREM-5038)
Red Cedar Particle Board (NREM-5048)
Safe Use of Chainsaws (NREM-5044)
Softwood Sawmilling (FAPC-148)
Underutilized Wood Composites (FAPC-147)
Wood Composites for Cabinet Making (NREM-5045)
Wood Finishing (NREM-5016)

Streams, Ponds and Fisheries

Aquatic Weed Management: Control Methods (SRAC-360)
Aquatic Weed Management: Herbicides (SRAC-361)
Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond? (NREM-101)
Fee Fishing (NREM-9200)
Fingerlings for Pond Stocking (CR-9205)
Fishing Lease Development (SRAC-481)
Getting Started in Aquaculture (NREM-9201)
Improve Fishing in Your Pond (NREM-9209)
Keep Your Pond in Good Condition (NREM-9212)
Pond Plants: Weeds or Beneficial? (NREM-9211)
Pond Problems (NREM-9206)
Riparian Buffers (BAE-1517)
Riparian Forest Buffers (NREM-5034)
Riparian Handbook (E-952)
Toxic Blue-Green Algal Blooms (NREM-9213) Understanding Streams (NREM-9208)
Water Gardens (NREM-100)
Water Quality Testing & Fish Health (L-420)

Rural Living

Absentee Rural Land Ownership (AGEC-966)
Frequently Used Forestry and Natural Resource Terms for Land (NREM-5022)
Land Management Options for Eastern and Central Oklahoma (E-990)
Moving to the Country (AGEC-965)
Orient Lodge, Alternative AG (AGEC-932)
Problem Horticulture Plants (NREM-2895)
Protecting Farm and Ranch Lands through Conservation Easements (NREM-2889)
Rural-Urban Interface (AGEC-922)