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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Natural History & Conservation Option

Natural history embraces the observational, descriptive, and comparative study of the natural world and forms the foundation of ecological research, and it is the backbone for conservation and stewardship of natural resources. This option provides students with a broad integrated science background in natural history, ecology, and conservation of plants, animals, and ecosystems. It includes a rigorous background in the taxonomy, ecology and biology of plants and animals, and it emphasizes field-based ecological understanding and skills, and outdoor education. Taking less of a resource management approach, this option focuses on students who are primarily interested in careers in environmental stewardship and outdoor education, requiring breadth in the natural sciences as well as good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.


Career Options


  • Naturalists at national parks, national monuments, and natural history museums
  • Naturalists at city parks, state parks, nature centers, management/recreation areas, and field stations
  • Managers and guides for Ecotourism
  • Coordinators and interpretive naturalists for environmental/conservation education and recreation programs
  • Biologists/naturalists at botanical and zoological gardens



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