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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Dr.Kevin Allen

Assistant Professor and State 4-H Leader; Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

State 4-H Office
Oklahoma State University
205 4-H Youth Development Bldg.
Stillwater, OK 74078

Educational Background
BS:Southwest Missouri State University, 1984; Wildlife Conservation
MS:Oklahoma State University, 1989; Environmental Science
PhD:Oklahoma State University, 1991; Environmental Science


Extension Activities

  • Youth Forestry and Wildlife Camp
  • Forestry Judging
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program
  • 4-H Shooting Sports
  • 4-H Camps
  • Environmental Education Impact Team
  • Various Judging Contests
  • Youth Programming in Environmental and Natural Resources

Professional Memberships

  • National Association of Extension 4-H Agents
  • Oklahoma Association of Extension 4-H Agents
  • Oklahoma Forestry Association
  • Oklahoma Environmental Education Coordinating Committee
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi

Recent Publications (since 2005)

Published Proceedings

Allen, K. P., R. D. Elmore, J. R. Weir and S. R. Lancaster.  2010.  Assessment of 4-H Range Management Programs in the United States.  Rangelands 32(5):32-36.

Marks, S. K., J. D. Vitek and K. P. Allen.  Remote Sensing: Analyzing satellite images to create higher order thinking skills.  Science Teacher 63(3):28-31.

Allen, K. P. and M. Gregory.  Descriptions for eighth remotely sensed images occurring in the Journal of Geography.  92(3) through 93(2).

Extension Publications
Guide Sheets:

4-H Educational Materials: