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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Marley Beem


Associate Extension Specialist Aquaculture

303D Ag Hall (office)
008C Ag Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74077
(405) 744-3854

Educational Background
BS: Biology, Claremont McKenna College, California, 1978
MS: Aquaculture, Auburn University, Alabama, 1982
PhD: Zoology, Oklahoma State University, 1986


Curriculum Vitae

Stream Trailer Program



  • NREM 4452/5452: Pond Management

  • NREM 4453/5453: Aquaculture

Extension Interests

A sizeable proportion of ponds and streams lack proactive management and as a result are in poor or declining condition. Technical assistance is one approach to solving this problem, but increased social interactions between land owners and cultures of proactive management are also needed. This situation is not unique; it includes most areas of natural resource management which are divorced from readily apparent economic consequences. By creating a culture, attitudes and approaches are instilled which ultimately promote a land ethic.

Recent Publications (since 2005)

  • Beem, M., Successful Pond Profile-Noble County (NREM-9216)

  • Beem, M., Frequently Asked Farm Pond Questions (NREM-9027)

  • Beem, M. and E. Giedt, Toxic Blue-Green Algal Blooms (NREM-9213)

  • Beem, M., The Pond Owner's Plea (E-1044)

  • Beem, M., Midges, Mosquitoes of Ponds (NREM-9214)

  • Beem, M., Key Facts for Prospective Aquaponics Produces (NREM-9215)
  • Beem, M., Aquatic Herbicides: Essential Information for New Applicants (L-466)
  • Beem, M., Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond? (NREM-101)
  • Beem, M., Pond Plants: Weeds or Beneficial? (NREM-9211)

  • Beem, M., Keep Your Pond in Good Condition (NREM-9212)

  • Beem, M., Neighborhood and Urban Pond Management (NREM-9210)

  • Beem, M., Fingerlings for Pond Stocking (CR-9205)

  • Beem, M., Understanding Streams (NREM-9208)

  • Beem, M., Improve Fishing in Your Pond (NREM-9209)

  • Beem, M., Rural Urban Interface Problems (AGEC-922)

  • Beem, M., Absentee Rural Land Ownership (AGEC-966)

  • Beem, M., Moving to the Country? (AGEC-965)

  • Beem, M., Water Gardens – A Low Management Approach (NREM-100)

  • Beem, M. and H. Zhang. Water Quality Testing and Fish Health, L-420

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