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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Shannon Brewer


Assistant Unit Leader

007 Agriculture Hall (office)
007 Agriculture Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078

Educational Background
BS: Missouri Western University, 2001; Biology
MS: University of Missouri, 2004; Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
PhD: University of Missouri, 2008; Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Curriculum Vita


  • NREM 5473: Stream Ecology


Research Interests
My research incorporates basic and applied research, often with a combination of field and modeling components that focus on improving the conservation and management of lotic ecosystems. My research focuses on identifying relations and mechanisms related to rare, declining, or economically-important aquatic species for which the causes and corresponding management responses are unclear. As a researcher, I am broadly interested in the conservation and management of lotic ecosystems, but primarily I conduct research related to aquatic landscape change. The ecology of stream systems is linked to principles derived from landscape ecology and the widely-held view that aquatic landscapes are nested hierarchies of interactions between terrestrial and aquatic elements. Landscape change incorporates a variety of different elements including land management, climate change, flow regulation, etc.

Recent Publications (since 2009)

  • Brewer, SK & DJ Orth. In Press. Species conservation profile of the Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu. Pages XX-XX in Tringali, M. D., M. S. Allen, T. Birdsong, and J. M. Long, editors. Black Bass Diversity: Multidisciplinary Science for Conservation. Proceedings of the Symposium Black Bass Diversity: Multidisciplinary Science for Conservation. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 82, Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Brewer, SK & JM Long.  In Press.  Biology and ecology of genetically distinct Neosho and Ouachita smallmouth bass.  Pages XX-XX in Tringali, M.D., J.M. Long, T.W. Birdsong, and M.S. Allen, editors.  Black bass diversity: multidisciplinary science for conservation.  American Fisheries Society, Symposium 82, Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Rabeni, CF & SK Brewer. 2014. Linking successful careers to successful fisheries. Pages 47-52 In Future of Fisheries: Perspectives for the Next Generation of Professionals. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda.
  • Worthington, TA, SK Brewer, N Farless, TB Grabowski, and MS Gregory. 2014. Factors affecting the transport time of semibuoyant fish eggs in large, altered river systems. PLoS PloS ONE 9(5): e96599. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096599
  • Worthington, TA, SK Brewer, TB. Grabowski, and J. Mueller. 2014. Backcasting the decline of a vulnerable Great Plains reproductive ecotype: Identifying threats and conservation priorities. Global Change Biology. doi: 10.1111/gcb.12329
  • Brewer SK. 2014. Smallmouth Bass. Pages 380-382 In Kansas Fishes. University Press of Kansas, Lawrence.
  • Williams, K, SK Brewer, and MR Ellersieck. 2014. A comparison of two gears for quantifying abundance of lotic-dwelling crayfish. Journal of Crustacean Biology 34:54‒60.
  • Brewer, SK 2013. Groundwater influences on the distribution and abundance of riverine smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieu, in pasture landscapes of the Midwestern United States. River Research and Applications 29: 269–278.
  • Dyer J, SK Brewer, TA Worthington, & E Bergey. 2013. The influence of coarse-scale environmental features on current and future distributions of narrow-range endemic crayfish populations. Freshwater Biology 58:1071‒1088.
  • Brewer SK. 2013. Channel unit use by smallmouth bass: Do land-use constraints or quantity of habitat matter? North American Journal of Fisheries Management 33: 351‒358.
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  • Rettig, AV & SK Brewer. 2012. Seasonal habitat shifts by benthic fishes in headwater streams. Proceedings, Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 65:96-102.
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  • Brewer, SK. 2011. Patterns of young-of-year smallmouth bass microhabitat use in multiple stream segments with contrasting land uses. Fisheries Management and Ecology 18:506-512.
  • Brewer, SK & MR Ellersieck. 2011. Evaluating two observational sampling techniques for determining the distribution and detection probability of age-0 smallmouth bass in clear, warmwater streams. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 31: 894-904.
  • Brewer, SK, RJ DiStefano & CF Rabeni. 2009. The influence of age-specific habitat selection by a stream crayfish community (Orconectes spp.) on secondary production. Hydrobiologia 619:1-10.
  • Musselman, WC & SK Brewer. 2009. Winter habitat use by orangethroat darter, Etheostoma spectabile, at multiple spatial scales. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 24:77-83.