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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Dr. Lei Qiao

Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact Information
550 Ag Hall (office)
008C Ag Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078
email: or
Phone: 405 -744-9637

BS: Geology, Lanzhou University, China, 2003
MS: Marine Geology, Ocean University of China, China, 2006
PhD: Geophysics, Saint Louis University, USA, 2012


Research Interests

  • Climate change impacts on terrestrial ecological and hydrological systems
  • Watershed hydrologic monitoring and modeling
  • Remote sensing of weather and hydrology



  1. Lei Qiao, Zaitao Pan, Robert Herrmann, and Yang Hong, 2013. Hydrological variability and uncertainty of lower Missouri River Basin under changing climate. Journal of American Water Resources Association (in press)

  2. Lei Qiao, Robert Herrmann, and Zaitao Pan, 2013. Parameter uncertainty reduction for SWAT using GRACE, streamflow, and groundwater table data for Lower Missouri River Basin, Journal of American Water Resources Association, 49(2): 343-358

  3. Yunhai Li, Lei Qiao, Aijun Wang, Yong Zhang, Jianyong Fang, and Jian Chen, 2013. Seasonal variation of water column structure and sediment transport in a mud depo-center off the Zhejiang-Fujian coast in China, Ocean Dynamics 63: 679 - 690. DOI. 10.1007/s10236-013-0620-6

  4. Yunhai Li, Xiang Ye, Aijun Wang, Haidong Li, Jian Chen, and Lei Qiao, 2013. Impact of Typhoon Morakot on chlorophyll-a distribution on the inner shelf of the East China Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 483: 19 – 29.  doi: 10.3354/meps10223.

  5. Yunhai Li, Aijun Wang, Lei Qiao, Jianyong Fang, and Jian Chen, 2012. The impact of Typhoon Morakot on the modern sedimentary environment of the mud deposition center off the Zhejiang-Fujian coast, China. Continental Shelf Research, 37: 92-100. S0278434312000568

  6. Lei Qiao, Rongming Yang, Guangxue Li, and Yanyan Ma, 2005.Technology of the spot-5 and its application to the marine functional zoning of Qingdao city. Transaction of Oceanology and Limnology 104: 8-12. (In Chinese with English abstract)

  7. Yanyan Ma, Guangxue Li, Rongming Yang, and Lei Qiao, 2005. Detection and analysis of development of the urban region with remotely sensed images in Qingdao. Marine Geology Letters 21: 30-33. (In Chinese with English abstract)

Book Chapters and conference proceedings

  1. Yang Hong, Lu Liu, Lei Qiao and Pradeep Adhikari, 2014. Chapter 4. CLIMATE CHANGE AND HYDROLOGICAL HAZARDS, HANDBOOK OF ENGINEERING HYDROLOGY: MODELING, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND VARIABILITY, edited by Saeid Eslamian, CRC express.

  2. Timothy Kusky, Lei Qiao, Abduwasit Ghulam, YuYan Chen, 2009. Urbanization and changes to the Missouri River floodplain. In FINDING THE BALANCE BETWEEN FLOODS, FLOOD PROTECTION, AND RIVER NAVIGATION. Center for Environmental Sciences at Saint Louis University