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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - David Engle

Regents Professor

012 Agricultural Hall (office)
008C Agricultural Hall (mailing address)
Stillwater, OK 74078

Educational Background
BS:Abilene Christian University, 1972, Range Science
MS:Abilene Christian University, 1975, Wildlife Science
PhD:Colorado State University, 1978, Range Science


Research Interests
The overall research goal is to produce knowledge and technologies for maintaining rangelands as a source of wealth.  The research requires a balance of ecological and rangeland management studies.

My specific research program goals are:

1.     To determine the influence of rangeland management and other land management activities on ecosystem and landscape properties, including nutrient cycling, threatened and endangered species, and critical habitats.

2.     To develop technologies that protect the rangeland resource from degradation and to promote sustainability of rangeland resources.  This includes mitigating the influence on the environment of rangeland management practices, low-density urban sprawl, and invasive species.

Current research interests include ecology and management of prairie and savannah, and prescribed burning and fire ecology in grasslands and upland forests.