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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Sue Fairbanks

Associate Professor

564 Agricultural Hall (office)
008C Agricultural Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078

Educational Background
B.S.:1982,Nebraska Wesleyan University
M.S.:1985,Colorado State University
Ph.D.:University of Kansas



  • NREM 3502: Wildlife Law Enforcement
  • NREM 3503: Principles of Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • NREM 3523: Fish and Wildlife Population Biology
  • NREM 4533: Wildlife Management for Game Species
  • NREM 5020*: Graduate Seminar: Research and Presentation
  • NREM 5513*: Applied Wildlife Behavior

Recent Publications (since 2008)*

  • Cole, E.K., A.M. Foley, J.M. Warren, B.L. Smith, S.R. Dewey, D.G. Brimeyer, W.S. Fairbanks, H. Sawyer, and P.C. Cross. 2015. Changing migratory patterns in the Jackson elk herd. Journal of Wildlife Management 79:877-886.

  • Soso, S.B., J.A. Koziel, A. Johnson, Y.J. Lee, and W.S. Fairbanks. 2014. Analytical methods for chemical and sensory characterization of scent-markings in large wild mammals: A review. Sensors 14:4428-4465.  DOI:10.3390/s140304428

  • Middleton, A.D., T.A. Morrison, J.K. Fortin, M.J. Kauffman, C.T. Robbins, K.M. Proffitt, P.J. White, D.E, McWhirter, T.M. Koel, D. Brimeyer, and W.S. Fairbanks. 2013. Grizzly bear predation links the loss of native trout to the demography of migratory elk in Yellowstone. Proceedings of the Royal Society B280:20130870. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.0870.

  • Kagima, B. and W.S. Fairbanks. 2013. Habitat selection and diet composition of reintroduced native ungulates in a fire-managed tallgrass prairie reconstruction. Ecological Restoration 31:79-88.
  • Sippy, R., O. Sahin, C.M.J. Sandoval-Green, Paul Plummer, W.S. Fairbanks, Q. Zhang, and J.A. Blanchong. 2012. Occurrence and molecular analysis of Campylobacter in wildlife on livestock farms. Veterinary Microbiology 157:369-375. DOI: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2011.12.026.
  • Barbknecht, A.E., W.S. Fairbanks, J.D. Rogerson, E.J. Maichak, B.M. Scurlock, and L.L. Linn. 2011. Elk parturition site selection at local and landscape scales in western Wyoming. Journal of Wildlife Management 75:646-654.
  • Barbknecht, A.E., W.S. Fairbanks, J.D. Rogerson, E.J. Maichak, and L.L. Linn. 2009. Effectiveness of vaginal implant transmitters for locating elk parturition sites. Journal of Wildlife Management 73:144-148.
  • Rogerson, J.D., W.S. Fairbanks, and L. Cornicelli. 2008. Ecology of gastropod and bighorn sheep hosts lungworm on isolated, semiarid mountain ranges in Utah, USA. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 44:28-44.