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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Thomas B. Lynch


017 Agricultural Hall (office)
008C Agricultural Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-5447

Educational Background
BS: Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. 1975, Forestry
MS: Purdue University, 1980, Statistics; Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ., 1977, Forestry
PhD: Purdue University, 1982, Forestry



  • NREM 2103: Forest Measurements I
  • NREM 3063: Natural Resource Biometrics
  • NREM 3102: Forest Measurements II
  • NREM 5133*: Advance Topics in Forest Biometrics


Research Interests:

  • Modeling growth and development of naturally-occurring shortleaf pine forests

  • Sampling and monitoring trees and shrubs in great plains riparian ecosystems

  • Evaluation of restoration of shortleaf pine - bluestem forest type (pre-settlement forest type)

  • Polyareal plot sampling and growth estimation from permanently established sample points

  • Distance sampling for forest inventory

  • Estimation of volume, product yield, weight, center of gravity and moment of inertia for individual tree-length stems and logs

  • Growth and development of intensively managed loblolly pine plantations

Honors and Awards

  • 2017 Southern Mensutationists Achievement Award
  • Forestry Science Research Award, Ouachita Society of American Foresters, 2008

  • USDA Certificate of Appreciation for contributions to shortleaf pine growth and yield research, awarded July 28, 1993

  • USDA Certificate of Appreciation for contributions to the peer review process for Forest Science, awarded August 8, 2003

  • Certificate of Appreciation for service to the Society of American Foresters as Associate Editor for Forest Measurements of the Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 1996-2002, awarded July 30, 2002

  • Certified Forester No. 1141 (CF), Society of American Foresters, 2002, recertified 2005

  • Certified Toastmaster (CTM), Toastmasters International, 1991

Professional Memberships

  • Society of American Foresters, Certified Forester (CF)

  • Xi Sigma Pi

  • Gamma Sigma Delta

  • Phi Sigma Society

  • Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff

  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, President, OSU Chapter 2005-2006

  • American Statistical Association

  • Associate Editor for Forest Science 2003-2012

Recent Publications (since 2015)

1. Lynch, T.B., Zhao, D., Harges, W., and J.P. McTague.  2017.  Deriving compatible taper functions from volume ratio equations based on upper-stem height.  Can. Jour. For. Res.

2. Lynch, T.B.  2017.  Optimal sample size and plot size or point sampling factor based on cost-plus-loss using the Fairfield Smith relationship for plot size.  Forestry 2017; 90,697-709 doi:10.1093/forestry/cpx024

3. Lynch, T.B.  2017.  Optimal plot size or point sample factor for  a fixed total cost using the Fairfield Smith relation of plot size to variance.  Forestry 2017; 90, 211-218, doi:10.1093/forestry/cpw038

4. Lynch, T.B., Saud, P., Dipesh, K.C., and Will, R.E.  2016.  Plantation site index comparisons for shortleaf pine and loblolly pine in Oklahoma, USA. For. Sci. 62(5): 546-552.

5. Saud, P., Lynch, T.B., Anup, K.C., and Guldin, J.M.  2016.  Using quadratic mean diameter and relative spacing index to enhance height –diameter and crown ratio models fitted to longitudinal data.  Forestry 2016;. 89,215-229,  doi: 10.1093/forestry/cpw004

6. Stevenson, D.J., Lynch, T.B., Saud, P. Heinemann, R. Holeman, R. Wilson, D, Anderson, K, Cerny, C. and Guldin, J.M., 2016.  Winter in the Ouachitas - a Severe Winter Storm Signature in Pinus echinata in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas, USA.  Dendrochronologia. 37(2016):107-115.

7. Lynch, T.B.  2015.  Voronoi polygons quantify bias when sampling the nearest plant.  Can. Jour. For. Res. 45:1853-1859.

8. Lynch, T.B.  2015.   Effects of measurement error on Monte Carlo integration estimators of tree volume: sample diameters measured at random upper-stem heights.  Can. Jour. For. Res. 45:471-479.

9. Lynch, T.B.  2015.  Effects of measurement error on Monte Carlo integration estimators of tree volume: critical height sampling and vertical Monte Carlo methods.  Can. Jour. For. Res. 45:463-470.

10. Dipesh, K.C., Will, R.E., Hennessey, T.C., Lynch, T.B., Heinemann, R. and Holeman, R.  2015.  Effects of simulated ice storm damage on mid-rotation loblolly pine stands.  For. Sci. 61:774-749.

11. Dipesh, KC, Will, R.E., Lynch, T.B. Heinemann, R. and Holeman, R.  2015.  Comparison of loblolly, shortleaf, and pitch x loblolly pine plantations growing in Oklahoms.  Forest Sci. 61:540-547.

Recent Publications (since 2005)

  • Lynch, T.B. and J.H. Gove.  2014.  The unbiasedness of a generalized mirage boundary correction method for Monte Carlo integration estimators of volume.  Can. Jour. For. Res 44:810-819.

  • Lynch, T.B.  2014.  Use of an antithetic variate for better location of upper-stem height measurements with critical height and importance sampling in horizontal line sampling.  For. Sci. 60(1): 288-297.

  • Lynch, T.B. and J.H. Gove.  2013.  An antithetic variate to facilitate upper-stem height measurements for critical height sampling with importance sampling.  Can. Jour. For. Res. 43:1151-1161.

  • Lynch, T.B., Budhathoki, C. and R.F. Wittwer.  2012.  Relationships between height, diameter and crown for eastern cottonwood (Populus deloides) in a Great Plains riparian ecosystem.  West. Jour Appl. For. 27(4):176-186.

  • Lynch, T.B.  2012. A mirage boundary correction method for distance sampling.  Can. Jour. For. Res. 42(2): 272-278.

  • Lynch, T.B.  2012.  On moments of inertia for logs and tree segments.  For. Sci. 58(4):399-404.

  • Zhang, D., Huebschmann, M.M., Lynch, T.B., and J.M. Guldin.  2012.  Growth projection and valuation of restoration of the shortleaf pine-bluestem grass ecosystem.  Forest Policy and Econ. 20(2012):20-15.

  • Lynch, T.B. and D. Zhang. In press. On relative maxima of diameter growth, basal area growth, volume growth and mean annual increment for individual trees. For. Sci.

  • DeSantis, R.D., Hallgren, S.W., Lynch, T.B., Burton, J.A., and M.W. Palmer. 2010. Long-term directional changes in upland Quercus forests throughout Oklahoma, USA. J. Vegetation Sci. 21:606-615.

  • Will, R.E., Hennessey, T.C., Lynch, T.B., Heinemann, B. and R. Holeman.  2010.  Effects of planting density and seed source on loblolly pine stands in southeastern Oklahoma.  For. Sci. 56(5):437-443

  • Lynch, T.B., Will, R.E., Hennessey, T.C., Heinemann, R. A. and R.T. Holeman. 2010. Relationships among dbh and loblolly pine attributes from local and non-local seed-sources near the western edge of its natural range. South. Jour Appl For. 34 (4):149-153.

  • Lynch, T.B. 2009. Note on the variance of radial sampling strategies with random versus purposively-located pivot-points. For. Sci. 55 (5):467-470.

  • Sabatia, C.O., Will, R.E. and T.B. Lynch. 2009. Effect of thinning on aboveground biomass accumulation and distribution in naturally regenerated shortleaf pine. South. Jour. Appl. For. 33(4):188-192.

  • Sabatia, C.O., Lynch, T.B. and R.E. Will.  2008.  Tree biomass equations for naturally regenerated shortleaf pine.  South. Jour. Appl. For.  32(4):163-167.

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  • Budhathoki, C., Lynch, T.B., and J.M. Guldin. 2008. A Mixed-Effects Model for the Dbh-Height Relationship of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill.). South. Jour. Appl. For. 32(1):5-11.

  • Lynch, T.B., Wittwer, R.F., Stevenson, D.J. and M.M Huebschmann. 2007. A maximum size-density relationship between Lorey’s mean height and trees per hectare. For. Sci. 53(4):478-485.

  • Lynch, T.B. 2006. Variance reduction for sector sampling. For. Sci. 52(3):251-261.

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  • Clark, S.L., Hallgren, S.W., Stahle, D.W. and T.B. Lynch. 2005. Characteristics of the Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve, an old-growth forest in the Cross Timbers of Oklahoma, USA. Natural Areas Jour. 25(2):165-175.