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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Dr. Omkar Joshi

Assistant Professor

549 Ag Hall (office)
008C Ag Hall  (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-5614

Educational Background
BS:Tribhuwan University, 2002; Forestry
MS:University of Arkansas-Monticello, 2009; Forest Policy and Economics
PhD:Mississippi State University, 2013; Forest Management and Economics



  • NREM 4234*: Forest Management and Economics
  • NREM 4333: Forest Resource Management: Planning and Decision-Making
  • NREM 5030: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Research Interests:

  • Ecosystem Services valuation of forest and other natural resources
  • Human dimensions and economics related issues in natural resources
  • Wood-based and other renewable energy issues
  • Wildlife and energy economics

Recent Publications (past two years):

Poudyal, N., C. Caplenor, O. Joshi., C. Maldonado, L. Muller, and C. Yoest (in press). Characterizing the economic value and impacts of wild hog damage on a rural economy. Human dimensions of wildlife.

Joshi O, T. Becerra., D. M. Engle., S. D. Fuhlendorf., and D. Elmore (in press). Factors affecting public preferences for grassland landscape heterogeneity in the Great Plains. Environmental Management.

Poudyal, N.C. O. Joshi. A. Taylor, D. Hodges (in press). Prospects of wood-based energy alternatives in revitalizing the economy impacted by decline in pulp and paper industry. Forest Products Journal.

Henderson, J., O. Joshi., R. Parajuli., and W. Hubbard. 2017. A regional assessment of wood resource availability and potential economic impact of the wood pellet market in the U.S. South. Biomass and Bioenergy. 105: 421-427.

Joshi O. J. Henderson, S. Tanger, L. Boby, M. Pelkki, and E. Taylor. 2017. A synopsis of methodological variations in economic contribution analyses for forestry and forest-related industries in US South. Journal of forestry. 155(2): 80-85.

Henderson, J.E., O. Joshi, S.M. Tanger, L. Boby, W. Hubbard, M. Pelkki, D.W. Hughes, E. McConnell, W. Miller, J. Nowak, C. Becker, T. Adams, C. Altizer, R. Cantrell, J. Daystar, B. Jackson, J. Jeuck, S.R. Mehmood, and P. Tappe. 2017.  Standard Procedures and Methods for Economic Impact and Contribution Analysis in the Forest Products Sector. Journal of forestry155(2): 112-116.

Joshi O., N.C. Poudyal, and D. Hodges. 2017. Economic valuation of alternative land uses in state park. Land use policy. 61(2):80-85.

Parajuli, R., S. Tanger, O. Joshi, and J. Henderson. 2016. Modelling Prices for Sawtimber Stumpage in the South-Central United States. Forests. 7(7)-00148.

Joshi, O., N.C. Poudyal, and L. Larson. 2016. The influence of socio-political, natural and cultural factors on international tourism growth: A cross-country panel analysis. Environment, Development and Sustainability. 18(1):1-14.