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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Jim Ansley

Department Head

011 Agriculture Hall (office)
008C Agriculture Hall (mail)
Stillwater, OK 74078

Educational Background
BA: Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska; Biology
MS: Utah State University; Range Science
PhD: University of Wyoming; Agronomy

Curriculum Vita




Research Interests

My research at Texas A&M AgriLife Research in Vernon, TX centered around invasive woody plants on rangelands.  In particular, I studied the impacts of encroachment of honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) and several juniper species (redberry juniper, Juniperus pinchotii and Ashe juniper; J. ashii) on grasslands and savannas in north central Texas.  Within that overall scope, I studied woody plant/grass competition, woody plant water use and growth rates, mesquite root responses to long-term drought and wet periods, and ecology of mesquite seedling recruitment. I also studied several aspects of woody plant (“brush”) control, including effects of fire intensity and seasonal fires on mesquite, juniper, grasses and soil nutrients, and effects of various herbicides on mesquite and associated non-target species.  Finally, in an attempt to alleviate the cost of brush control, I investigated the potential of mesquite and juniper species for bioenergy uses.  This work involved determining regrowth rates of mesquite following harvest, GIS applications to determining landscape-level stand biomass using aerial and satellite images, some initial studies on the ecological economics of mesquite for bioenergy and, in collaboration with colleagues at Texas A&M, the potential of mesquite and juniper for gasification or co-firing with coal.

Recent Publications (see CV for full list; asterisk denotes grad student or post-doc mentored by Dr. Ansley)

  • Kreuter, U.P., A.D. Iwaasa, G.L. Theodori, R.J. Ansley, R.B. Jackson, L.H. Fraser, M.A. Naeth, S. McGillivray, E.G. Moya. 2016. State of knowledge about energy development impacts on North American rangelands: an integrative approach. Journal of Environmental Management (in press).
  • Chen, W.*, S. Thanapal, K. Annamalai and R.J. Ansley. 2016. Kinetics of pyrolysis of mesquite biomass fuel from TGA data. Int. Journal of Green Energy (in press)
  • Thanapal, S.S.*, K. Annamalai, R.J. Ansley and D. Ranjan.  2015. Cofiring carbon dioxide torrified woody biomass with coal on emission characteristics. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. DOI10.1007/s13399-015-0166-6.
  • Jain, S.*, S. Ale, C.L. Munster, R.J. Ansley and J.R. Kiniry. 2015. Simulating the hydrologic impact of Arundo donax invasion on headwaters of the Nueces River in Texas. Hydrology 2: 134-147.
  • Ansley, R.J., B.A. Kramp and D.L. Jones. 2015.  Honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) seedling responses to seasonal timing of fire and fireline intensity. Rangeland Ecology and Management 68: 194-203.
  • Chen, W.*, S. Thanapal, K. Annamalai and R.J. Ansley. 2015.  Liquid yield from juniper and mesquite bio-fuel gasification. International Journal of Energy Research 39: 621-633.
  • Wang, T.*, S.C. Park, R.J. Ansley and S. Amosson.  2014. Economic and greenhouse gas efficiency of honey mesquite relative to other energy feedstocks for bioenergy uses in the Southern Great Plains. BioEnergy Research 7: 1493-1505.
  • Cho, J. *, S.C. Park, R.J. Ansley, S-C. Choi, M. Mirik and T. Kim. 2014. Economic feasibility of mesquite biomass for electricity production: projections of long-term sustainability of two harvest options. BioEnergy Research 7: 1155-1164.
  • Mirik, M.*, R. J. Ansley, K. Steddom, C.M. Rush, G.J. Michels, Jr., F. Workneh, S. Cui and N.C. Elliott. 2014. High spectral and spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery for quantifying Russian wheat aphid infestation in wheat using the constrained energy minimization classifier. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 8 (DOI: 10.1117/1.JRS.8.083661), 14 pages.
  • Ansley, R.J., T.W. Boutton and P.W. Jacoby. 2014.  Root biomass and distribution patterns in a semi-arid mesquite savanna: Responses to long-term rainfall manipulation. Rangeland Ecology and Management 67: 206-218.
  • Thanapal, S.S.*, W. Chen, K. Annamalai, N. Carlin, R.J. Ansley and D. Ranjan. 2014. Carbon dioxide torrefaction of woody biomass. Energy & Fuels 28: 1147-1157.
  • Teague, W.R., S.L. Dowhower, R.J. Ansley, S.A. Baker, J.A. Waggoner and R.D. Ransom. 2014. Influence of increasing Prosopis glandulosa on herbaceous diversity and composition on two soils in southern mixed-grass prairie. Arid Land Research and Management 28: 216-231.
  • Chen, W.*, S.S. Thanapal, K. Annamalai, R.J. Ansley and M. Mirik. 2013. Updraft gasification of mesquite fuel using air-stream and CO2-O2 mixture. Energy & Fuels 27: 7460-7469.
  • Ansley, R.J., M. Mirik, X.B. Wu, and C.B. Heaton.  2013. Woody cover and grass production in a mesquite savanna: geospatial relationships and precipitation. Rangeland Ecology and Management 66: 621-633.
  • Chen, W.*, S.S. Thanapal, K. Annamalai and R.J. Ansley and M. Mirik. 2013. Co-gasification of mesquite and coal blend in an updraft fixed bed gasifier. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems 3: 234-241.
  • Mirik, M.*, S. Chaudhuri, B. Surber, S. Ale, and R. J. Ansley. 2013. Evaluating biomass of juniper trees (Juniperus pinchotii) from imagery-derived canopy area determined using the support vector machine classifier. Advances in Remote Sensing 2: 181-192.
  • Mirik, M.*, R. J. Ansley, J.A. Price, F. Workneh, and C.M. Rush. 2013. Remote monitoring of wheat streak mosaic progression using sub-pixel classification of Landsat 5 TM imagery for site specific disease management in winter wheat. Advances in Remote Sensing 2: 16-28.
  • Mirik, M.*, S. Chaudhuri, B. Surber, S. Ale and R. J. Ansley. 2013. Detection of two intermixed invasive woody species using color infrared aerial imagery and the support vector machine classifier. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 7 (DOI: 10.1117/1.JRS.7.073588), 13 pages.
  • Mirik, M.*, R. J. Ansley, K. Steddom, D.C. Jones, C.M. Rush, G.J. Michels, Jr., and N.C. Elliott. 2013. Remote distinction of a noxious weed (musk thistle: Carduus nutans) using airborne hyperspectral imagery and support vector machine classifier. Remote Sensing 5: 612-630.