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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Faculty - Timothy J. O'Connell

Associate Professor

018 Ag Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-7593

Educational Background
BS: Cornell University, 1989; Natural Resources
MA: The College of William and Mary in Virginia, 1992; Biology
PhD: The Pennsylvania State University, 1999



  • NREM 1012: Introduction to Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  • NREM 2013: Ecology of Natural Resources
  • NREM 4464: Ornithology
  • NREM 4543: Wildlife Management for Biodiversity
  • NREM 5083*: Applied Landscape Ecology
  • NREM 5723*: Ecology of Fire-Dependent Ecosystems

Research Interests:
My primary work involves distribution and abundance of birds and mammals, habitat selection, ecological indicators, and the influence of human activities on wildlife populations, especially mortality from collision with human structures.

Selected Publications

  1. *Atuo, F. A. and T. J. O’Connell. In Press. The landscape of fear as an emergent property of heterogeneity: contrasting patterns of predation risk in grassland ecosystems. Ecology and Evolution.
  2. *Pinkerman, C. W., T. J. O'Connell, and A. S. Arena. 2017. Uncertainty analysis of avian approach to remote thermal updraft detection for unmanned aerial vehicles. AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, AIAA SciTech Forum, (AIAA 2017-1190)
  3. *Atuo, F., T. J. O’Connell, and P.U. Abanyan. 2015. An assessment of socioeconomic drivers of avian body parts trade in West African rainforests. Biological Conservation 191: 614–622.
  4. *Dale, L., T. O’Connell, and R. D. Elmore. 2015. Aflatoxins in wildlife feed: Know how to protect wildlife. Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, fact sheet NREM 9021.
  5. *Monroe, A. P., and T. J. O’Connell. 2014. Winter bird habitat use in a heterogeneous tallgrass prairie. American Midland Naturalist 171: 97–115.
  6. *George, A. D., T. J. O’Connell, K. R. Hickman, and D. M. Leslie, Jr. 2013. Food availability in exotic grasslands: A potential mechanism for depauperate breeding assemblages. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 125: 526–533.
  7. O’Connell, T. J., R. P. Brooks, D. J. Prosser, M. T. Gaudette, J. P. Gyekis, K. C. Farrell, and M. J. Casalena. 2013. Wetland-riparian birds of the Mid-Atlantic Region in R. P. Brooks and D. H. Wardrop (Eds.) Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands:  Advances in Wetlands Science, Management, Policy, and Practice. Springer Ecological Studies Series.
  8. *Cavalieri, V. S., T. J. O’Connell, and D. M. Leslie, Jr. 2011. Distribution and habitat affinity of Cerulean Warblers (Dendroica cerulea) at the edge of their breeding range in Oklahoma. Southeastern Naturalist 10: 167–177.
  9. *Piorkowski, M. D. and T. J. O’Connell. 2010. Estimates of bat and bird mortality from collisions with wind turbines in mixed-grass prairie. American Midland Naturalist 164: 260–269.
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  13. *McConnell, S., T. J. O’Connell, and D. M. Leslie, Jr. 2008. Land cover associations of breeding habitat for three sympatric Buteos in shortgrass prairie. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120: 708–716.
  14. O'Connell, T. J., J. A. Bishop, and R. P. Brooks. 2007. Sub-sampling data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey for application to the Bird Community Index, an indicator of ecological condition. Ecological Indicators 7: 679–691.
  15. Mahan, C. G. and T. J. O’Connell. 2005. Small mammal assemblages along a gradient of disturbance in suburban parks. Northeast Naturalist 12: 307­–314.
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  17. O'Connell, T. J. 2001.  Avian window strike mortality at a suburban office park.  Raven 72: 141–149.
  18. O'Connell, T. J., L.E. Jackson, and R. P. Brooks. 2000. Bird guilds as indicators of ecological condition in the central Appalachians. Ecological Applications 10: 1706-1721.

* = student lead author