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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

NREM Staff - Elaine Stebler

Senior Research Specialist

036 Ag Hall (office)
004 Ag Hall (lab)
008C Ag Hall (address)
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-9467

Job Description / Duties

My job has three major components which keep me from ever getting bored and a fourth component which pulls everything together.  The first duty keeps me seated in front of a computer managing hydrology, watershed, and water quality data entry, analysis, and archiving.  My second responsibility keeps me hopping in the laboratory analyzing or supervising analysis of water and/or sediment samples from our watershed, water quality, and hydrology research projects.  The third duty involves installing, maintaining, and utilizing hydrologic field equipment, to collect field data.  This ensures that I keep my tan by spending hours outdoors or else I spend time communicating with field staff.  My last challenge is to help analyze, summarize, and write the story of what it all means while ensuring all along the way that we have proper QA/QC (quality-assurance/quality-control) measures in place.

BS:       Zoology, Oklahoma State University, 1974
MS:      Natural Sciences, Oklahoma State University, 1988


Turton, D.J., E. Stebler and M.D. Smolen. 2007. The effectiveness of rural unpaved road BMPs in reducing sediment loads in the Stillwater Creek, Oklahoma Watershed.  In:  Watershed Management to Meet Water Quality Standards and TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Load), Proc. of the 10 – 14 March 2007 Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 701P0207, ASABE, St. Joseph, Michigan, pp 206-215.

Turton, D.J., E. Stebler and M.D. Smolen. 2006.  Demonstration of the effectiveness of rural unpaved road erosion control practices in reducing erosion in the Stillwater Creek watershed.  Final report of the Stillwater Creek 319 Project Task #7.5.1, US EPA # C9-996100-9 FY01, Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Oklahoma City OK, 62p.