Electrofishing boat being used to teach students about fisheries management techniques

Welcome to the website for the Shoup Fisheries Management & Fisheries Ecology Lab Group at Oklahoma State University. 


Our lab provides instruction and conducts research in the areas of freshwater fisheries management and fish ecology.  Most of our research centers on reservoir habitats and our funding most often comes from sources supporting the research of sport fish, but we are interested in any topic within freshwater ecology that involves fish, including non-game species or riverine habitats.  We use basic ecological principals to guide research of both basic and applied topics ranging from understanding community-level foodweb dynamics in aquatic systems to improved sampling methods for fisheries management. 


Using the links above, you can see current and past members of the lab group, their research activities, our lab facilities, publications that our lab has generated, and courses taught by Dr. Shoup.  You can also find out about possible graduate school positions within our lab using the "prospective students" link.