Drylab Fisheries Research Facility:


Our 226 ft2 drylab facility is used for fish age and diet analysis, zooplankton or benthic invertebrate identification, or other lab-bench activities.  It contains a double-basin stainless steel sink with a soil trap used for processing samples, desks, filing cabinets, and lab bench surface.



Olympus SZX-16 video microscope system


Microscopy and image analysis system - Olympus SZX-16 with 1.6XPF apochromatic adjusted objective lens allows for 11-184x magnification with high resolution (0.24 NA).  This is configured with a Canon 50D digital SLR 15 megapixel camera that allows live viewing of samples and can take still images or video for documentation or image analysis (e.g., automatic identification and/or measurement of growth rings).  The camera is interfaced with a computer with dual monitor display to facilitate simultaneous viewing and data recording.


Isomet low-speed otolith saw




Our Buehler Isomet low-speed saw is used to precisely sectioning hard parts (otoliths, spines, etc.) for aging fish.










Each student is also assigned their own PC in a separate office facility to use for data analysis, working on class assignments, and writing their thesis and research manuscripts.  In addition to this, our lab has several laptop computers that can be used for data collection in the field.  OSU has several computer labs open to students 24h/day that contain typically-used software. Most of this software is also available to any computer with internet access through "virtual computer labs" students can access with their OSU username/password.


Other lab resources are described on the Field Equipment and Wet Lab Facility pages