Current Open Positions:


We do not currently have any open positions for graduate students, but students are always welcomed to send application materials to me for us to keep on file (see below).


Application instructions:

We are always interested in potential graduate students that may want to join our lab group as Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants, even when we do not have any current open positions advertised.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Shoup at dshoup(at)  It is very helpful if you can send the following information with your email:

  1. A copy of all of your college transcripts (scanned jpg is fine, or copy/paste from online transcript).

  2. A resume or Curriculum Vitae detailing your experience and skills.

  3. Your Graduate Record Exam scores.

  4. A writing sample.  This can be any scientific writing document on which you were the primary author.  Examples of  appropriate writing samples are research reports written for a lab course, literature-review oriented term paper, proposal or project report from an undergraduate research experience, etc.  If you are not sure what to send as a writing sample, feel free to contact me to discuss options (dshoup(at)


Application materials can be sent as an email attachement (dshoup(at)  Additional information about Dr. Shoup and his lab is available at this web site using the links at the top of this page.



Information about the Fisheries & Aquatic Ecology M.S. and Ph.D graduate degree option at OSU.

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NREM Department application information

OSU Graduate College web site

Facilities in The Shoup Fisheries Ecology Lab

People in The Shoup Fisheries Ecology Lab

Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Information about OSU, city of Stillwater, and state of Oklahoma.

Stillwater is a moderate-sized college town (approximately 48,000 people + the university). It is large enough to have the amenities most people want (movie theater, restaurants, shopping, etc.), but small enough to have a small-town feel and to avoid many of the problems inherent in larger cities. For additional information, see the links below.

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Oklahoma State University Main Web Site

   About OSU

   OSU YouTube videos

City of Stillwater web site

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

Stillwater info at CityData

Stillwater Wikipedia article

Typical Oklahoma Weather

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (our state agency for fisheries management)