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American Fisheries Society (AFS)


The Oklahoma Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society was formed in 1996 by students for students. This organization is dedicated to bringing awareness of past, present, and future fisheries related issues to graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled in Oklahoma universities. Since 1978, the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Fisheries Society has brought fisheries professionals together to exchange information and act on issues of concern to fisheries resources in Oklahoma. However, student needs differ from those of established fisheries professionals, and our goal is to address the specific needs of students and draw qualified students into the field of fisheries science.

The Student Subunit supports student involvement in state and regional American Fisheries Society meetings and pays registration and lodging for its members. Members of the subunit also assist the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife with their annual wildlife expo, and the Payne County Audubon Society with their Nature Day and Nature Camp. Guest speakers from the fisheries profession come to speak to members about job opportunities and advice for making a career of fisheries science. The Student Subunit also has an annual fish fry and techniques demonstration.

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Our chapter recently won first place in Oklahoma State University's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Homecoming Window Decorating Contest as a part of America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration.

  • Guest Speakers
  • Fish Habitat Projects
  • Ecology Lab Help
  • Fishing Trips
  • Fisheries Related Volunteer Opportunities
  • Fisheries Techniques Demo
  • OKNRC Meeting




Current Officers


Graham Montague

Vice President

Cale Corley


Tegan Crum

Student Council Rep

Logan Dickinson

Student Council Rep

Dillon Bowers

Advisor Dan Shoup


Jim Long

American Fisheries Society (AFS)