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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

OSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Our primary goal is to develop and enhance our understanding of the environment upon which wildlife and humans alike depend, in order that we may enhance and increase public awareness and appreciation of that environment.

Our chapter aims to connect students to professionals in the natural resources field and provide opportunities to socialize with their peers and hone their field skills.


  • Field days
  • Field trips
  • State Meeting
  • Conclave
  • Beast Feast
  • Professional Speakers
  • Socials

Please connect with us on Facebook and Campuslink.

Current Officers


Kalynn Branham (918) 315-2834

Vice President

Jennifer Knutson (940) 536 - 8630


Shauna Folchert (712) 635-4540


Lauren Auld (580) 716-1003

State Chapter Liasion

Erin Caldwell (405) 338-5517

Kayleigh Locke

(580) 278-9940


Sue Fairbanks (405) 744-9842